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Ecological Evaluations & Conservation

The experience and knowledge of our professional wetland scientists is widely respected throughout the industry.  Hydrex is known for helping our clients navigate through some of the most rapidly changing environmental regulations in the business.  We assist our clients in project planning to avoid lengthy U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) permitting.  When avoidance is not feasible, Hydrex provides timely, cost-effective permitting strategies and solutions that minimize adverse impacts to U.S. waters, including wetlands.

Hydrex has developed long lasting and trusted relationships with the USACE. Our reputation has proven to identify major obstacles early in each process so projects can keep moving forward.

Services Include:

  • Wetlands and Stream Delineation
  • Functional Assessments
  • USACE Permitting
  • Compensatory Mitigation Plans
  • Threatened and Endangered Species Assessment

Dedicated to protecting and conserving our natural resources, Hydrex provides a full range of services to fulfill compensatory mitigation requirements of the USACE.  Hydrex has aided in the establishment of numerous stream and wetland mitigation banks.

Mitigation Banking Services Include:

  • Potential Site Evaluation
  • Market Analysis (Supply & Demand)
  • Delineation and Functional Analysis
  • Preparation of Banking Instrument and Other Documents
  • Agency Coordination
  • Long-Term Management
  • Drone Surveys

Upon completion of our current conservation efforts, Hydrex will have played a part in the restoration of more than 80,000 linear feet of stream habitat and 1,100 acres of wetlands.envioronmental and ecological conservation efforts wetland

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