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Leonell N. Scarborough, P.G., C.P.G.

Senior Hydrogeologist
Hydrex Environmental
Nacogdoches, Texas
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Mr. Scarborough received his Bachelor of Science (B.S.) Degree in in Geology and a minor in chemistry from Stephen F. Austin State University (SFASU) in Nacogdoches, Texas in May of 2000. Following graduation, Mr. Scarborough continued his education attending the graduate geology program at SFASU from 2000-2002 while working as a geologist at Hydrex Environmental. Course work completed through the graduate geology program at SFASU included Advanced Invertebrate Paleontology, Chlorinated Hydrocarbons, Advanced Sequence Stratigraphy, Clay Transformations, Contaminant Hydrogeology, Sedimentology, Environmental Waste Management, and Advanced Structural Geology. Additionally, notable continuing education includes: Applied Groundwater Flow and Transport Modeling (NGWA), Applied Groundwater Statistics (ST), Estimating Rates of Groundwater Recharge (GSA), Environmental Geochemistry of Metals (NGWA), and Hazardous Waste Management in Texas (ERC).

Professional Licenses

  • Certified Professional Geologist No. 11857
  • Texas Professional Geoscientist No. 10048
  • Arkansas Professional Geologist No. 1914
  • Georgia Reg. Professional Geologist No. 001997
  • Louisiana Professional Geoscientist No. 799
  • Florida Professional Geologist No. 2604
  • Tennessee License. Professional Geologist No. 5667
  • LPST Project Manager No. PM 0000244
  • Texas Drillers License 58274 M

Summary of Geoscience Work Experience

Leonell N. (Trae) Scarborough, P.G., C.P.G. serves as a Senior Hydrogologist at Hydrex Environmental located in Nacogdoches, Texas. Mr. Scarborough has over seventeen years of experience in geologic and hydrogeologic investigation with an emphasis on the management of diverse projects including groundwater resource management, design and installation of soil and groundwater monitoring systems, statistical analysis of groundwater monitoring data, geochemical evaluations, and both hazardous and nonhazardous waste management. He also has extensive experience in development and maintenance of monitoring systems for solid waste landfills and review of analytical data for environmental media.

Geologic/Hydrogeologic Investigation and Site Assessment

Mr. Scarborough has wide-ranging experience in geologic and hydrogeologic investigations, site evaluations, closures, and remediation efforts.  Relevant projects have focused on the environmental industry and groundwater resource management.  Industries served within this scope of experience include: wood treatment plants, scrap metal recycling facilities, fertilizer manufacturing facilities, manufacturing facilities, underground storage tank sites, and landfills.  Groundwater resource development and characterization projects encompass public, agricultural, and industrial uses and include monitoring program development and geochemical evaluations for active and abandoned industrial facilities, spill and emergency response sites, and landfills.

Mr. Scarborough has designed and managed numerous geologic and hydrogeologic evaluation programs employing various direct observation techniques including rotary methods and direct push technologies. He has been responsible for all parts of these investigations including: project design, evaluation of contaminant migration pathways, groundwater bearing unit and related confining unit determination, along with correlation of subsurface strata and flow regimes.  In addition, he has been in charge of aquifer testing and classification, well and monitoring system specification and design for many of these projects.  Mr. Scarborough has been and continues to be directly engaged in statistical evaluation of collected data, evaluation of data validity, preparation and reporting of investigation data, and presentation of the data, findings, and recommendations to both clients and regulatory personnel.

Mr. Scarborough also has significant experience in the utilization of numerous geological tools such as boring logs (both downhole geophysical and direct written descriptions), cross sections, water quality indicator mapping, stiff plots, trilinear diagrams, surface map evaluations, topographic evaluations, site specific and regional scale stratigraphy, surface geomorphology, and groundwater flow evaluations.  In addition, he has practical experience in the use of multi-disciplinary technology-based tools including PID, FID, scintellometers, soil gas analyzers, groundwater quality instrumentation, pressure transducers, data logging equipment, flow meters, data collection sondes, and various pumps/sample collection devices.

In addition to geologic and hydrogeologic investigations, Mr. Scarborough has managed a number of wide ranging facility assessments.  The scope of these assessments includes comprehensive site evaluations, TPDES, RCRA, CERCLA, and CWA/CAA compliance, Phase I and II investigations, evaluations in accordance with TRRP and RECAP programs, and reviewing and reporting of laboratory data in conformance to RG366/TRRP-13.  Participation in these projects commonly resulted in new and/or revised permits, development of new and sometimes extensive changes to waste reduction, management and recycling programs.

Design and Installation of Soil Gas Remediation and Groundwater Monitoring Systems

Mr. Scarborough’s relevant experience in groundwater monitoring, design and installation of groundwater monitoring systems, and soil gas remediation systems includes: monitoring systems for landfills and industrial facilities; system maintenance and ongoing compliance monitoring for groundwater remediation systems; soil gas extraction system design and implementation (emphasis on geology and extraction point radius of influence), soil gas cutoff trench design (emphasis on geology and groundwater influence), and continued compliance monitoring for landfills.  In addition to these more permanent systems, he has managed numerous temporary monitoring systems through installation, monitoring, and removal from service at varying project locations for industrial and landfill clients.

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